Indonesian National

The company was founded in 2015, the company address: Komplek Perkantoran Plaza Pasifik Blok B3 No. 65 Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara.

1. The company's predecessor participated in the construction of the steel structure and civil engineering project of the Indonesian Jakarta TV tower and the Indonesian Wuling overall factory;

Second, the completed project:

1. 2016.10-2017.6 Indonesia Jinguang Group Kalimantan 2*100mw power plant field work, field area 328,325 square meters;

2. Conveyor belt corridor project of Indonesia Conch Cement Peacock Port Project 2016.09-2016.12;

3. 2017.05-2017.08 Indonesia Libao Group CIKARANG New City Planning Road and supporting road isolation fence.

Third, construction in progress:

1. Indonesia Ciba Group's CIKARANG New City Housing Construction Project, undertaking a construction area of ​​450,000 square meters;

2. Supporting construction of the multi-standard section of the Yawan high-speed rail in Indonesia, and the labor service of the shield tube factory;

3. Conveyor belt corridor project of Indonesia Conch Cement North Sulawesi 1700T.

4. Entry road project of Indonesia Conch Cement Jugang Cement Plant.

5. Indonesia Conch Cement Peacock Port Technical Transformation Project (covering: civil engineering, steel structure, high and low pressure, automatic control, steel warehouse, pipeline, equipment installation)

6. Indonesia Conch Cement Jugang Cement Transfer Library

Fourth, self-operated China standard coil frame (fast scaffolding) rental support services.

5. Self-operated import of building materials, electromechanical equipment, machinery and equipment trade.

The company is committed to contributing to the Chinese enterprises that go to the sea, providing services for the fast-growing Indonesian companies, building harmony, and working together to achieve win-win results.